Super Mario Run to Android and iOS this year

Finally, Super Mario is now going mobile, making a huge leap from its long era of video games. Super Mario Run is making its way to Android and iOS this year. For most of the Nintendo fans it is a moment of shock but still, we all knew it was inevitable and Nintendo was already working to bring Super Mario to mobiles.


For many years, Nintendo has stayed on the small screen and Satoru Iwata has adamantly shunned all advances on taking it to the cell phones and in his words, it would have been a “short term profit but would ultimately devalue the property.” So now that it has finally made the advancement, is Nintendo actually still Nintendo or not, is the main question.

This year, another Nintendo franchise game Pokémon Go finally got in mobiles phones and plenty of people absolutely loved the idea. In fact many of the elderly people, who were not true Pokémon fans or grew up while playing it, now, are captivated by Pokémon Go fun. Who knows, maybe a number of non-Nintendo fans also take up Super Mario Run and get addicted to it for long?

Chances are that even if it will be your first time playing Super Mario games, you won’t put it down!

This game is a loop of endless running and your character will have an adventurous run through various level, jumping through obstacles, gather coins and show some groovy moves throughout the game. It depends vastly on the timing of number of taps.

The game has three modes, you can check it here Super Mario Run Hack.

The first mode is mostly about challenging courses that you have to complete skillfully.

Second mode is about competition with other players in order to reach the leader boards with more style.

Third mode is about making your own Mushroom Kingdom by using the coins that you have collected in the other two game modes.

The game contains in app purchases as well. All in all, the game is super fun, exciting and very intriguing for people of all ages. Whether you are a kid or a young or old adult, this game is sure to gather a lot of fans after its release on iOS as well as on Android.

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Pokemon Marshadow, Nyabby, Ashimari, Mokuroah

Pokemon legendary names Marshadow, Nyabby, Ashimari, Mokuroah are now been revealed. Marshadow, is third addition starter to “Solgaleo” and “Lunaala,” has already been trademarked by Game Freak. And Nyabby, Ashimari, Mokuroah will be the legendary starters for the highly anticipated Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Marshadow

Like every other Pokemon games, there are atleast three starters. Like Pokemon X and Y had Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde, and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire had Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza.

Marshadow is a mysterious additional Pokemon to watch out. I believe that this new Pokemon will have a great role on the other two. Still not confirmed or heard any news if Marshadow is a dark or ghost type Pokemon. Also, as you can see in the Pokemon Sun and Moon logo are being themed as day and night, an eclipse-themed Pokemon.

Pokemon fans are now very excited to see more pictures and heard more information about these new four Legendary Pokemon names and what their evolution stages are. Pokemon Sun and Moon will let you play in different languages that can also be found here:

(UPDATED MAY 15, 2016) And here is a new and fresh Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon game trailer:

Game Info

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Released Date: November 18, 2016
Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: The Pokémon Company
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Also read about the new mobile game Pokemon Go & helper here:

We will keep this post updated ASAP once new info are being rolled from our reliable reference source.

Thank you for being with us and keep updated for more on your favorite latest game updates.

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Best Games you should play in 2016

In this busy and fast-paced world, every individual appears super busy. While you’re using smart phone for almost everything, making calls and sending little text messages, listening to songs or watching the shows you missed. From checking mails to sending files, it’s a proven fact that we have been much productive than our previous generations.
Let’s waste few minutes by racing few cars, fighting with giant dragons. After raking the internet we have come up with a few best games to play.
Download the best games that are worth playing in 2016.

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Missing Childhood? Catch your favorite and familiar figures from Disney Characters to provide you with a comfy feel while you’re enjoying the game. Disney Magic Kingdoms is a joint effort of both Game loft and Disney. Giving a touch of Mine craft, this is a building simulation game and the ultimate target of every player is to develop a new theme park after the opponents destroy the previous park. The game is kid-friendly and age appropriate for every player. Above all, the most amazing feature is it’s free to play.

Disney Magic Kingdoms


Based on the recent TV Show, this tile matching game is free to play. Futurama is one amazing time killer just like Candy Crush Saga where you have to match at least four tiles to remove them and earn points. With so many puzzles combined with hurdles to fight through, this classic game is good for draining in time and refreshing yourself from stressed and workaholic state.


Rayman Classic

Here comes the best game, though it’s a paid one. You can download it with a minimal cost of around 5 US dollars. Holding tons of hurdles with thrilling fun for every player revive the paradigmatic game with all of its fame. It’s updated and completely compatible with various devices, containing on-screen controls with fascinating graphics. The creators of the app have given retro touch for a genuine gaming experience. Clap harder, because this game has no in-app purchases.

Rayman Classic

Thumb Drift

With around 60 assorted cars that are to be unlocked at level upgrade, Thumb Drift has won the hearts of many players across the globe. It fits in the genre of racing games. The basic concept of the game is to stray nearby corners while seeking for top scores. The score therefore depends on how better you’re at the art of drifting the car about the nooks and corners of the game. Controlling the car with one finger is pretty challenging. Moreover, the game offers players to share the leader boards in order to challenge or compete with other players for seeking competitive score.

Thumb Drift

The developers have greatly excelled the eye-catching graphics that makes the screen appear much amazing. If you’re not in the mood to race the vehicle, leave racing aside and simply crash or bump it! Sounds fun, right? After all, it’s an interactive and free to play game that’s worth playing anytime on the go.

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Justice Monsters Five – Register for Beta and Get Up to Free 35,000 Golden Orbs

Justice Monsters Five is a mobile game series in the realm of FINAL FANTASY XV, and Justice Monsters 5 (JMV) is the fifth and most recent installment. Justice Monsters Five Incorporates RPG elements, Justice Monsters 5 that brings new life into the exemplary pinball genre. Immensely prominent in the Kingdom of Lucis, JMV brings a committed after that incorporates none other than Noctis, the legend of FINAL FANTASY XV. Try the game, and you’ll know why he and his amigos are totally captivated!

Justice Monsters Five - Register for Beta and Get Up to 35,000 Golden Orbs

Join the heroes of the Justice Monsters Five, a noble gathering of beasts, as they do fight and spare the planet Nova from the grasp of the wicked Lord Vexxos! Battle for equity and thrashing the strengths of malevolence!

There are many games available for BETA registration at Go check it yourself and become the one of the lucky beta testers to play for free. You may also received some beta gifts and freebies.

Justice Monsters Five Beta Registration at Registration

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Paragon System Requirements

Paragon is the latest MOBA for PC that features unique explosive action fights, direct third-person control, and deep strategic choice by Epic Games. Players can choose their own heroes packed with unique abilities designed to complement your allies and dominate your opponents. You will earn cards each time you play. Like any other MOBA you can also build and upgrade your decks and create dominant strategies.

Paragon System Requirements

Paragon requires much more graphical game than other MOBAs like League of Legends and DOTA. Epic let players immerse ourselves with a third-person perspective that gets us closer to the action and puts us into the fight. We will fight in a stunning, fully realized world of Agora brought to us by Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

Paragon System Minimum Requirements

  • Core i5-2400S 2.5GHz – INTEL CPU
  • FX-6300 – AMD CPU
  • GeForce GTX 460 v2 – Graphics
  • 4 GB – RAM
  • Win 7 64 – OS
  • DX 11 – Direct X
  • 15 GB – HDD Space

Above requirements are just the minimum. If you can afford to upgrade or use more than the metrics above the better. This game needs powerful desktop set up for you to play Paragon without any interruption. Also as we mention the gaming performance, internet connection is also vital in this game. Paragon has a different “feel” than those typical MOBAs like Dota 2, League of Legends, and Smite. You will surely enjoy Paragon!

You can visit for more Paragon updates here:

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